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Better connected organisations perform better.

Better connected people are happier and more successful.


"Traditional networking is so inauthentic and transactional. Wok+Wine is exactly the opposite. You're having interesting and surprising conversations and making new connections without even realising it"

Lizzie Mandeno, London

"Wok+Wine is like a 2 hour digital vacation. With hands covered in shrimp juice of course you're not going to be reaching for your phone"

Jason Wisdom, New York

Wok+Wine has already helped thousands of individuals - as well as companies like Accenture, ABN AMRO and AirBnB - to get better connected.

Wok+Wine facilitates rapid and authentic connections within groups. The concept has been developed and tested globally from Auckland to Amsterdam, boosting connectivity within groups at all kinds of organisations from Accenture to AirBnB.

Wok+Wine has been specifically designed to:

  • Break down barriers - easily connecting individuals across departments and hierarchical levels
  • Stimulate authentic conversation - helping participants to understand what makes each other tick
  • Build trust - facilitating a shift from transactional to relational encounters

Think of Wok+Wine as the most effective and authentic team-building or relationship-development event you have ever experienced, and also the most delicious. It just works.

Your guests will be very well fed but the real value they receive will be the number, diversity and strength of connections they make.

Working much like a pop-up, Wok+Wine is very flexible in its execution, able to be produced just about anywhere. The concept works best for groups of 25 - 60 participants. The largest event we've produced to date was for 350+.

Here's what Harvard Business Review had to say about Wok+Wine:

"The economic incentives [of Wok+Wine] are clear. Those who climb out of their silos into the world have markedly better career chances. Indeed, people who bring new ideas, approaches, strategies are often hailed as heroes. But the intellectual incentives are just as clear. Only the person with several addresses in the conceptual world can hope for serendipity, that extraordinary moment when vexing problems vanish before the approach of deeply unexpected understanding."

Read full article here

Wok+Wine is particularly effective in the following business situations.

Strengthening client relationships

This Wok+Wine experience was purposefully designed to strengthen the relationship between partners and staff of a the global law firm and one of their most important national accounts.

Connecting dispersed teams

Most of the consultants working at this firm were situated on-site in clients' offices. As a result, they had little opportunity to connect face to face. There was limited sense of community and best practices were not easily shared. This Wok+Wine experience successfully tackled both of these challenges.


Discovering new client opportunities

Many service businesses have a diverse network of interesting and successful clients. Rather than keeping them isolated and meeting them one-on-one, this Wok+Wine experience proved the value of bringing clients together at one time, to connect and discover new business opportunities.

Conference kickoff

Wok+Wine is significantly more effective at connecting conference delegates (or other event participants) than any cocktail evening. Your delegates will make many more connections in a much more authentic way and those connections will continue to build throughout your conference.

Connecting online communities offline

While digital platforms are effective for building community numbers, when it comes to real community engagement, the online experience alone cannot fulfil our social needs. Eventually your members will want to meet each other face-to-face. Wok+Wine provides a simple and effective way for you to connect your community offline.

Connecting teams across departments or other siloes

Most organisations are looking for more effective ways to connect members of different teams or departments to find better solutions for increasingly complex problems, and to find new opportunities for growth. Wok+Wine is particularly effective at creating a level playing field for such engagement.

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