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"When an unexpected event or companion breaks through the fired surface of our creme brulee of ceremony and lets something else in. That’s when things get interesting."

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"Traditional networking is so inauthentic and transactional. Wok+Wine is exactly the opposite. You're having interesting and surprising conversations and making new connections without even realising it"

Moir Laird, Melbourne

"Wok+Wine is like a 2 hour digital vacation. With hands covered in shrimp juice of course you're not going to be reaching for your phone"

Jason Wisdom, New York


We apply globally proven methodologies to connect, align and engage groups within and between organisations - improving performance, saving resources and unlocking potential for growth.

Better connected teams perform better. Open-mindedness powers innovation.

Below are the three most powerful applications of the Wok+Wine format.


Connect or reconnect team members or key stakeholders more authentically. Build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.


Objective: To increase the quantity of connections and quality of relationships between participating individuals, providing a stronger foundation for ongoing collaboration.

Target audience: Staff in any organisation or members of any association.

Example cases:

  • Rapidly connecting new groups (e.g. new recruits)
  • Helping diverse teams find common ground

Results delivered: Stronger and more connections between participants gives you:

  • Enhanced relationships, increasing the quality and quantity of group output
  • Strengthened sense of belonging which increases commitment and productivity
  • More authentic connections leading to better collaboration which accelerates innovation

Typical Duration: 3 hours

Format: Based on Wok+Wine core design principles. Single group in one space including food and beverage.


Align individuals or organisations to a common goal or vision and see huge savings in time and resources.


Objective: To align a team or group of collaborating companies to a common vision or goal, particularly when they bring different perspectives and motivations to the table.

Target audience: Team members or collaborating organisations or other stakeholders, including government and non-profit.

Example cases:

  • Brands - Improve integration across network of creative agencies
  • Management consultancies and government - Align stakeholder groups at project initiation
  • Creative/Arts sector - Align team members to common purpose

Results delivered: Clearer alignment to common goal means:

  • Huge savings of time and resources due to fewer miscommunications and improved collaboration
  • Enhanced group / stakeholder cohesion
  • Significantly improved morale between collaborating individuals

Typical Duration: 3 hours

Format: Based on core Wok+Wine experience with potential for additional content or facilitator.


Learn proven methods for becoming more open-minded and curious to discover new opportunities for growth.


Objective: To empower participants with practical tools that can be applied immediately - to be more open-minded and leverage their curiosity to discover new opportunities. They'll also be more aware of what often gets in the way.

Target audience: Staff in any organisation, including government and non-profit.

Example cases:

  • Identify, understand and overcome limiting beliefs and preconceptions
  • Explore untapped areas of potential
  • Learn how to think in new and unconventional ways

Results delivered: Enhanced connections plus more open-minded team members means you benefit from:

  • Individuals better able to spot untapped potential revenue streams
  • New ways of thinking that accelerate your innovation agenda
  • Energised and optimistic teams, better aligned to your organisation's vision

Typical Duration: 3 hour workshop + 2 hour Wok+Wine session.

Format: Interactive workshop format followed by proven Wok+Wine format.



Wok+Wine is no ordinary concept. We are often confused with 'foodie' events but the fact that we serve excellent food and wine is about all we have in common. Our story is much deeper, more interesting and more thoughtful.


Founder: Peter Mandeno

Strategist, psychologist, storyteller, entrepreneur, traveler and master of serendipity Peter Mandeno has spent 20 years living and working across multiple continents and industries, looking at how we interact with the world and with each other. While the world was changing, we were not. In New York in 2009, Peter launched Wok+Wine a concept that would open his eyes, and the eyes of thousands of others, to the power of serendipity or as he describes it “finding the people we didn’t know we were looking for”.

Peter holds degrees in Psychology and Marketing Strategy from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is a graduate of THNK - The School for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam and a Fellow of RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

Peter has set up and run multiple businesses across the globe and is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.

Concept: Simplicity and serendipity

The universal power of Wok+Wine lies in the thoughtfulness and simplicity of its design. The food and wine are amazing but that is not what this experience is about. The food and wine are simply key features of a complete experience where the primary objective is to create more authentic, more interesting and more meaningful connections between participants. Successfully executing more than 150 events in 11 countries has enabled us to fine-tune the concept to what it is today.

We use expressions like 'collective discomfort' and 'maximising collisions while minimising bottlenecks' to explain the design principles that underpin Wok+Wine. Each part of the concept has been thoughtfully considered to create the conditions in which participants feel open and able to speak to anyone about anything. We are firm believers in the power of simplicity. Experiences like these are not made more effective by adding things in but by leaving them out.



Origins: Networking was broken

Wok+Wine started in New York City as an antidote to siloes and filter bubbles. We live in a world in which the doorway to our next big opportunity is likely to be opened by an unlikely connection. It just doesn't make sense to network only with people who work in the same industry or have some demographic criteria (e.g. age, nationality, race) in common, yet so many people still do it. We wanted to fix that.

We wondered what would happen if a fashion designer, a chemist, a software engineer and an accountant (or any equally unlikely combination) were to come together for no apparent reason. The results have been remarkable.

Wok+Wine has featured in Harvard Business Review. That article does a great job of explaining the relevance and importance of the concept in helping individuals and organisations to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


Wok+Wine has helped thousands of individuals - as well as companies like Accenture, ABN AMRO and Airbnb - to get better connected.

Wok+Wine is particularly effective in the following business situations.

Strengthening client relationships

This Wok+Wine experience was purposefully designed to strengthen the relationship between partners and staff of a global law firm and one of their most important national accounts.

Contact us to discuss your situation.

Connecting dispersed teams

Most of the consultants at this firm work on-site in clients' offices. As a result, they had little opportunity to connect face to face. There was limited sense of community and best practices were not easily shared. This Wok+Wine experience successfully tackled both of these challenges.

Contact us to discuss your situation.


Discovering new client opportunities

Many service businesses have a diverse network of interesting and successful clients. Rather than keeping them isolated and meeting them one-on-one, this Wok+Wine experience proved the value of bringing clients together at one time, to connect and discover new business opportunities.

Contact us to discuss your situation.

Event / project kick-off

Wok+Wine is significantly more effective at connecting conference delegates (or other event participants) than any cocktail evening. Your delegates will make many more connections in a much more authentic way and those connections will continue to build throughout your conference.

Contact us to discuss your situation.

Connecting online communities offline

While digital platforms are effective for building community numbers, when it comes to real community engagement, the online experience alone cannot fulfil our social needs. Eventually your members will want to meet each other face-to-face. Wok+Wine provides a simple and effective way for you to connect your community offline.

Contact us to discuss your situation.

Connecting teams across departments or other siloes

Most organisations are looking for more effective ways to connect members of different teams or departments to find better solutions for increasingly complex problems, and to find new opportunities for growth. Wok+Wine is particularly effective at creating a level playing field for such engagement.

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A unique social experience, tried and tested in 11 countries so far

What it is?

Wok+Wine is a 3 hour gathering of 40+ people peeling and eating the most delicious jumbo prawns from a long communal table covered with newspaper and banana leaves, paired with sensational wine.

The food and wine are amazing but the real magic is the diversity and depth of surprising conversation.

Wok+Wine is the antidote to filter bubbles and predictive algorithms. We will surprise you.

Why we created it?

Our most valuable opportunities can come from connections to unlikely people. Wok+Wine creates an environment where such opportunities are discovered.

We wondered what would happen if we gathered people based on their mindset rather than their skill-set. That is, rather than all being designers or accountants or chemists, what if open-minded designers and accountants and chemists could meet in one place?

Wok+Wine connects you to the people
you didn't know you were looking for.

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