A unique social experience, tried and tested in 11 countries so far

What it is?

Wok+Wine is a 3 hour gathering of 40+ people peeling and eating the most delicious jumbo prawns from a long communal table covered with newspaper and banana leaves, paired with sensational wine.

The food and wine are amazing but the real magic is the diversity and depth of surprising conversation.

Wok+Wine is the antidote to filter bubbles and predictive algorithms. We will surprise you.

Why we created it?

Our most valuable opportunities can come from connections to unlikely people. Wok+Wine creates an environment where such opportunities are discovered.

We wondered what would happen if we gathered people based on their mindset rather than their skill-set. That is, rather than all being designers or accountants or chemists, what if open-minded designers and accountants and chemists could meet in one place?

Wok+Wine connects you to the people
you didn't know you were looking for.