We apply globally proven methodologies to connect, align and engage groups within and between organisations - improving performance, saving resources and unlocking potential for growth.

Better connected teams perform better. Open-mindedness powers innovation.

Below are the three most powerful applications of the Wok+Wine format.


Connect or reconnect team members or key stakeholders more authentically. Build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.


Objective: To increase the quantity of connections and quality of relationships between participating individuals, providing a stronger foundation for ongoing collaboration.

Target audience: Staff in any organisation or members of any association.

Example cases:

  • Rapidly connecting new groups (e.g. new recruits)
  • Helping diverse teams find common ground

Results delivered: Stronger and more connections between participants gives you:

  • Enhanced relationships, increasing the quality and quantity of group output
  • Strengthened sense of belonging which increases commitment and productivity
  • More authentic connections leading to better collaboration which accelerates innovation

Typical Duration: 3 hours

Format: Based on Wok+Wine core design principles. Single group in one space including food and beverage.


Align individuals or organisations to a common goal or vision and see huge savings in time and resources.


Objective: To align a team or group of collaborating companies to a common vision or goal, particularly when they bring different perspectives and motivations to the table.

Target audience: Team members or collaborating organisations or other stakeholders, including government and non-profit.

Example cases:

  • Brands - Improve integration across network of creative agencies
  • Management consultancies and government - Align stakeholder groups at project initiation
  • Creative/Arts sector - Align team members to common purpose

Results delivered: Clearer alignment to common goal means:

  • Huge savings of time and resources due to fewer miscommunications and improved collaboration
  • Enhanced group / stakeholder cohesion
  • Significantly improved morale between collaborating individuals

Typical Duration: 3 hours

Format: Based on core Wok+Wine experience with potential for additional content or facilitator.


Learn proven methods for becoming more open-minded and curious to discover new opportunities for growth.


Objective: To empower participants with practical tools that can be applied immediately - to be more open-minded and leverage their curiosity to discover new opportunities. They'll also be more aware of what often gets in the way.

Target audience: Staff in any organisation, including government and non-profit.

Example cases:

  • Identify, understand and overcome limiting beliefs and preconceptions
  • Explore untapped areas of potential
  • Learn how to think in new and unconventional ways

Results delivered: Enhanced connections plus more open-minded team members means you benefit from:

  • Individuals better able to spot untapped potential revenue streams
  • New ways of thinking that accelerate your innovation agenda
  • Energised and optimistic teams, better aligned to your organisation's vision

Typical Duration: 3 hour workshop + 2 hour Wok+Wine session.

Format: Interactive workshop format followed by proven Wok+Wine format.